Upcoming workshops

Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Scotland: Highland Adventure

11 days | 9-19 September 2015
€2,995 | 1 place available

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Isle of Skye

7 days | 20-26 September 2015
€1,795 | 3 places available

Autumn in Slovenia

Autumn in Slovenia

11 days | 18-28 October 2015
€2,495 | 2 places available

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Autumn Workshops in the Scottish Highlands

My passion for the Scottish Highlands is no secret. First ignited when I visited the Isle of Skye as part of an organized tour back in 1998, a series of visits for photography since 2010 has only added fuel to the fire. In October 2013, I had an opportunity to run my first photography workshop in Scotland, and I realized then that about the only thing I enjoy more than exploring the Highlands is sharing what I’ve learned about the region with people with a similar love of travel, adventure, and photography. read more…

Warsaw’s Palace of Culture

Whenever I make my way around Warsaw, I’m always on the lookout for potential images. If something catches my eye, I visualize what it might look like like under certain conditions, and then I file it away somewhere in the back of my mind, hoping that I’ll remember it when the time is right. Needless to say, my mental archive of potential images is much richer than my actual portfolio. read more…

Recent photos

Sunset at Uttakleiv, NorwayHamnøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway
Sunrise in Sakrisøy, Lofoten Islands, NorwayLofoten Islands, Norway
Reine at dawn, Lofoten Islands, NorwayLofoten Islands, Norway